01. Principles & objectives


Just like traditional sports teams, professional esports athletes/teams have nutritionists, sports doctors, and coaches to look after nutritional, mental, and physical well-being of each athlete. GAKU simulates a day of a professional esports athlete that balances nutritional, mental and physical health, and esports activities.

02. Impact drivers

A hands-on approach

All activities will be completed in student/teacher teams. The GAKU Games will consist of four parts. The student-focused portions are flexible and may be administered according to the availability and convenience of the institution's annual calendar.

Illustration of a calendar and a clock
GAKU Games Day Schedule

Cyberwellness and Safeguarding lecture for parents and teachers.


Nutrition class for students to learn about impacts of food on the brain and body.


Mental and physical exercises
for students and teachers.


Esports tournament with
students, parents, and teachers.

8:00 AM
8:30 AM
Running / Warm up
8:30 AM
10:00 AM
Nutrition Class

Provide students with an opportunity to learn about nutrition and how their diet can impact their mental and physical health.

10:00 AM
12:00 AM
Mental and Physical Activities

Inclusive physical activities that does not require students to be of any age, weight, or height. Students will work on soft skills such as:
Teamwork, coordination, patience, time management and strategising.

13:00 PM
15:00 AM

Use the new skills that they have learned while engaging in the previous activities as they play esports. Teachers can use this time to gain new ways to promote healthy tech usage protocols in schools
for students.

15:30 PM
16:30 PM
Closing Ceremony

Frequently asked

GAKU is an international company committed to being accessible to all countries across the globe.

The program can be catered for students between the age of 4 and 18.

Yes, we provide all necessary equipment and schools will be able to select a lecturer from a list provided.

Yes, the program content will be customized according to age and academic level of students. Additionally, school values can be promoted throughout the program.

Bootcamp academy

A program for university athletes to take part in a simulated bootcamp experience as well as participate in prime tournaments.

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Connected committee

Committees established to create opportunities for their entire student body (along with teachers) to keep up to date on future technologies with the consultation and advice of GAKU.

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