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GAKU, provides platforms and opportunities across the globe for individuals to explore their interests and curiosities. We aim to educate people to elevate their interests into a skill and enhance talent to empower them in the future. As technology becomes a larger part of our lives and future, educational institutions look for a safe and healthy way for their community to learn and interact with technology. Gaku will support these institutions by developing programs, curriculums, and a community for students, parents, teachers, and the broader community to learn and experience the world of future technologies in a safe and informed manner.

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Sayo Okamoto

After graduating from a boarding school in Switzerland, Sayo went on to study globalization and communication in Kyoto. In 2021, she went to work the opening of W Osaka Hotel as one of the youngest concierges in the world. After being offered a job to work in the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics and Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, she has found herself involved in the world of sports. She founded GAKU in 2022 aiming to create and establish a safe, inclusive, and healthy environment surrounding esports and other future technologies whilst celebrating and inspiring the youth. She also chairs the youth council at the Global Esports Federation, spreading her vision from various places.

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Saya Miyajima
Executive administrator

Saya is a cultural enthusiast with a passion for traveling and exploring the intersections of culture, society, and creativity. With a liberal arts degree with minor in anthropology from Doshisha University and University College London, she went on to obtain her master's degree in Culture and Creative Industries from King's College London. Saya was also offered to work at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, where she was able to leverage her skills and experience to contribute to this global event. Saya is always eager to take on new challenges and push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of culture and creativity.

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Victoria Cheng

Victoria "Chubbyninja" Cheng is an award-winning writer, TV presenter, and content producer. Known for her presence in the culinary, adventure sports, and media scene over the past two decades, her lifelong passion for gaming and tech has fast made her a familiar face in the APAC region. Victoria is a TEDx Talk Youth Speaker 2019 on championing your identity, "Embrace your Misfit".

Based in Singapore, she also works behind the scenes as producer and director for content and events, including Dale Chihuly: Glass in Bloom (Gardens by the Bay, Singapore) and GEFestival 2021 (Zouk, Singapore) for the Global Esports Games 2021.

Based in Singapore, Victoria co-founded startup MAINCARD, an esports and video game platform. MAINCARD.GG is a gamer passport to track all your gaming and industry achievements, as your permanent gamer resume. Users can also create communities, scout for talents, and get first dibs on events or video game access.

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